Here are some of the most common questions I receive from prospective clients and photographers:


I offer both still photography (primarily portraits, food, environments and lifestyle) and videography, and use a similar style for both: I search for beautiful, natural light and well-structured scenes, for the best visual impact.

Because so many elements may vary in a creative shoot, I don’t have set prices – instead, I create custom quotes based on your project. But, to give you an idea of a starting price, simple headshots usually start at $240, while simple videos with no audio (only music) usually start around $700, plus any music licensing fees.

All of my rates are based on a complete project, and therefore I don’t work on an hourly basis. Required prep time, potential loss of time due to weather conditions, the need for studio lights and/or an assistant, and the goals and overall complexity of the project are just a few of the factors that go into my customised quotes. Because I’m not just a camera operator, but rather a professional who cares deeply about creating great imagery that tells your unique story, I price my projects in such a way that I can deliver a complete experience to my clients.

A photoshoot could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour for a simple portrait or headshot, to a whole day or multiple days for a shoot that offers a more complete business tells a more detailed story, or involves video. I’ll provide my best estimate as part of your quote.

Yes! I have been working as a full-time photographer for over 12 years, and I find myself shooting on my days off just for fun – photos and video are my life! Because I do this full time, I don’t have a “back-up” job to support me, nor do I have a super-rich husband! This means I must charge enough for my service to cover all the costs of running a professional business.

I do travel for photo and video projects; in fact, I love to do it! Depending on the project, I try to keep costs minimal because I’m so excited to do the work. Please enquire about your project needs and location!

I’m very experienced! I’ve been using a camera since early high school, have completed a Bach in Photography and have been working as a professional full-time photographer for over 12 years. I ran my own studio in QLD with up to four staff members before my recent move to NSW. I also carry public liability insurance for up to 10 million.

Within Australia, commercial photographers automatically retain the copyright unless otherwise agreed upon by the photographer and client. I partially “release” the copyright to allow you to use the photos for all your business’ applications, such as your website, print brochures, social media, etc. I do retain the right to use the images for my own internal promotion and advertising (such as in my website folio). I do not permit clients to sell the images to other parties; other parties must contact me directly for permission and/or payment. Fortunately, business images are usually only valuable to the clients who commission them, so copyright is rarely an issue. Specific arrangements regarding copyright can always be created on a case-by-case basis.

My shooting style is fairly natural, and my post-production and retouching complements this. No image leaves my computer without my complete confidence that it looks its best. I use software like Lightroom and Photoshop to give the images a little nudge in the right direction. I can also do more extensive retouching, such as changing colours, removing objects from the photos, and so on – just ask and I’ll give you a quote! (Here’s a little secret: I love flipping between the “before” and “after” of each shot – it’s the moment when the image really comes to life!)

I require a retainer of 50% of the total amount due in order to secure your booking, and the remaining balance upon delivery of the finished image file(s). Payment can be made via direct deposit, or I’m happy to send you an invoice through PayPal upon request.

Running a business myself, I understand your concerns about the longevity of your investment – businesses change quickly, from the products and services they offer to the people they hire. When we initially meet, we can discuss your anticipated future needs and can come up with some cost-effective ideas of how we can capture your business now in a way that’s still useful to you in the future.

I’d love to have a consultation with you, either in-person or over the phone, to discuss your needs and whether we’re a good match! Simply contact me directly and we’ll get the process started!


I’ve been a professional full-time photographer for over 12 years, after having completed a Bach in Photography (and using a camera since early high school!). I’ve been teaching photography students how to use their DSLR camera for over six years.

Everyone! I’ve developed workshops that are suited for both personal and professional development. If a topic isn’t covered in my current course listings, I can always create a custom one-on-one lesson for you.

If you’re attending the DSLR course, then you need a camera with fully manual settings. If you are attending a smartphone course, most smartphones will do – just keep in mind that most of the course is based around the iPhone, as this is what I use daily.

It depends on the course, but usually a maximum of four people. It’s important to me that each student receives plenty of individual attention and has a positive experience.

I teach in very small groups or one-on-one, so there’s plenty of time to ask questions and grasp the process. I’m also not a super technical person, so I try to explain the technical stuff in a way that’s simple and straightforward. My goal is for you to end the workshop or lesson with a thorough understanding of everything I covered.

Contact me for upcoming courses. Or visit my Workshops page for further information.