Hot Cross-Buns are now Hot Love Buns

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We’ve renamed the ‘hot-cross bun’ to ‘Hot Love Buns’ in our household. I’m not religious, but I do value creating traditions and rituals around food. My mum just penned the name ‘love buns’ which I think is the perfect name for something that involved a few days prep and was shared with loved ones. I went to pipe the cross on-top and I thought, ‘why am I doing this’ when it has no personal meaning to me?

I totally support the beliefs of others, but it was a reminder to question the traditions which have been created by others which aren’t my own. These were the MOST delicious sourdough buns, Natasha from My Daily Sourdough has done an AMAZING job with the recipe, they worked perfectly and they were my very first attempt at making ‘hot-love (cross) buns’.

You can find the recipe here and check out my food photos below.

Hot Cross Buns

Beautiful vanilla and sugar glaze on-top to create that beautiful shine.


My daughter trying to ‘help’ with the piping… didn’t go so well.


We started out with 12 and were only left with 4 after about 15 minutes… amazing!


I LOVE the pipped heart shape and now I’ve created an Easter tradition of my own.


Baking always looks great with linen! My favourite linen tea-towels from Simpson Cottage.


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