Mushroom Foraging

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Yesterday we went on our first mushroom foraging adventure. Some friends took us to Belanglo State Forest to search amongst the pine trees for Saffron Milk Caps. It was a little early in the season, but apparently the rain and a cool week might have be enough to flush some mushrooms on.

It was slim pickings, but we ended up finding enough for each group to make a meal out from. I love searching for anything… I get very obsessed as it feels like a treasure hunt. As much as I loved finding the mushrooms what I loved most was being amongst the pine trees with my family. We walked slowly through the tall pines, a quite crunchy wound under our feet from the pine needles, the light shone through the trees creating dappled light and interesting shadows on the forrest floor. The silence and space filled my soul with something I didn’t know it needed. Quietness and connection to nature and my family.

I’m pumped for the next mushroom adventure.



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