I’m passionate, purposeful and I love working with people and business who have 'heart'. People who value deep connections, slow living, sustainable choices, and commitment to something greater than themselves.

Honey x

Natural Light portrait photographer, behind the scenes with photographer Honey Atkinson

Hi. I’m Honey, a visual storyteller who loves helping creatives, makers, farmers and small business owners put good things out into the world. I do this through commercial photography and video that communicates the unique message behind my clients’ businesses and brands.

I like helping people document their creative products, services and lifestyles, in a way that’s truly authentic and helps build their tribe, is my favourite thing. A close second would be teaching others to do the same – I love helping other photographers to more creatively capture their vision!


My own story is a colourful one...

Photo of Honey Atkinson photographer as a child


... During my childhood, I spent time living on a commercial fishing boat and then later, in a relaxed tropical North Queensland town. This adventurous upbringing gave me a love of freedom and rich, creative life experiences.


I was 16 when I became obsessed with photography, seeking out the beauty in the world and showcasing it to others through my art.


After earning my degree in photography, working for a year in Sydney as a freelance assistant to commercial photographers, and later joining (then, eventually, purchasing) a photography studio in Townsville, I made the decision to write my next chapter.

portrait photo of honey atkinson and her family


I’m now designing my life around everything I love: my supportive partner and our two kids and my mum, my two dogs, two sheep, chickens, our ever-growing veggie garden, and my passion for food, yoga, beekeeping and celebrating life (and, of course, photographing and videoing the hell out of all of it!). In mid 2018, I moved to the Bega Valley to a property to create the life we've always dreamt about.


I would love to help you tell your authentic story, and welcome the opportunity to support your business and ideas.



Plants, food, bees, flowers, my daughter's face, light, laughter, movement, kindness, life...



Preserves, food photography for slow living in Bega Valley by Honey AtkinsonPRESERVING FROM OUR GARDEN
Picnics and food photography in the country by Bega Valley Photographer Honey Atkinsonpicnics on our country property
Homemade sourdough bread baked by photographer Honey AtkinsonFIRST SLICE OF HOME BAKED SOURDOUGH



Will Work for Food is a creative

partnership that documents stories

of regenerative farming and

sustainable living to inspire change.

Karen (my long time friend) is a

writer and stylist and I'm

photographer and film maker.

Together this self-fund project

provides photography and marketing services to start-up and young farmers in Australia free of charge.




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