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How to edit phone photos using Google Snapseed, Before and After

I hope everyone is doing ok transiting out of ‘iso’ land?! This time in isolation has given me the opportunity to spend more time with my new baby which has been a real bonus.

That’s my babe above… Forest he’s 3 months old here.

With my first baby I mostly used my big camera (DSLR), but this time I’m shooting mostly with my iPhone and the results are AMAZING (I use iPhone 11+). Sometimes I feel guilty for not using my pro camera, but hey ‘done is better than perfect’.This month’s I focus on editing using the free phone app ‘Google Snapseed‘. I’ve got some tips below on how I edited the photo above or you can watch a more detailed video with voice instructions just below. The four photos that follow are are my favourite at home ‘iPhone’ snaps this month. 

Have you taken any great family photos whilst being in ISO?

I’d love to know what phone tips would be most helpful to you, so I can add it to my next newsletter/blog… so please email me with any topics and I’ll cover them.

Honey xx

How to edit phone photos using Google Snapseed

About ‘Google Snapseed’

The ‘MAIN MENU‘ – The menu offers LOTS of different options for editing your photos and knowing which to choose can be a little overwhelming. So today I’ll share 5 tools I’ll use to edit the photo of my babe (above). I’ll be using – Rotate, Crop, Curves, ‘Tune image’ (sub menu ‘warmth’) and Structure.

Overall what I’m looking to achieve to straighten my image… this is a HUGE one for me – nothing drives me crazy more than wonky lines in photographs! Lighten and add contrast and colour correct. My editing style is as close to real as possible or maybe 10% better than real life.

How to navigate the app – You can see the before and after of you image by tapping on the screen and taking your finger away, I did this whilst using each tool to make sure I didn’t take the edit too far. Then when you’re happy click the ‘tick’ button bottom right to approve. You can go back a step or more by clicking the ‘box with a back arrow’ in the main menu at the top.

How to edit phone photos using Google Snapseed

Editing Process

  1. Straighten image using ‘Rotate’ –  Drag your finger left or right to straighten image, use the grid lines that come up in this tool to help line things up.
  2. Crop – Crop out any unwanted items.
  3. Lighten and add contrast -with ‘Curves’. This tool is a graph, the top represents the white or bright areas, the bottom the black or shadow areas. You can add multiple spots to your graph to effect different areas. I’d recommend watching the video on my blog as it’s much easier to explain visually with me talking than the written word.
  4. Correcting the colour of the image using ‘warmth’ which can be found under (tune image’. I found my photo looked a little blue (cold) so added warmth to the photos, which  means add ‘yellow’, the opposite to blue on the colour wheel.
  5. Sharpness & Contrast using ‘Structure’. This tool adds a level of sharpness to your image by upping the contrast, this tool can easily be overused and can make images look fake. Just slide the tool a little to your right to give your image a bit more punch.

If you have any questions about the above, just hit reply and I’ll respond.

Honey :))

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