How to capture a great ‘selfie’ on your iPhone Camera

In an ideal world we could all afford to pay professional photographers to take portraits of WHENEVER we needed them, so we had plenty of fresh content to use… but in reality most of us ‘DIY’ so many parts of our business… because lets face it we often don’t have the budget!

I think it’s important to get good at capturing your own photo or at least get the set-up right so your friend, partner, child can press the shutter. We still need to have professional images taken occasionally, but I’m hoping these tips below will fill in the content gaps in-between the big shoots.

1. Setup:

  • Get your gear sorted, see gear list above. Phone bracket like this one and basic tripod like this one.
  • Find a spot with good natural light, near a window or outside in the late afternoon
  • Clean phone camera lens
  • Think about background and setting to suit your brand

2. Shoot:

  • Keep camera still by using a tripod or leaning it against something
  • Use earphones plugged in as ‘shutter’ so you can get further away from the camera, the closer you are the more the camera distorts your features. You press the volume button to make the camera take a photo, this will only work when you’re in the ‘camera’ app or if this is too hard, use the self-timer.
  • Choose good angle for the camera & you, the camera needs to be at your eye level or a little higher looking down, not from underneath (hello chins!). It’s often flattering to face slightly side-on to the camera as this reduces your size and narrows your face/body.
  • When taking your photo, be silly, talk to yourself out loud, put on your favourite music.
  • Review the photos you’ve taken before taking your camera down, and amend your pose slightly (if needed), don’t give up, be kind to yourself!
  • Shoot lots, I took 30 shots to get one I was happy with

3. After shoot:

  • Select your favourites
  • Edit photos – I love using free app Snapseed
  • Share your photo with the world, be brave!

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