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Sharing beautiful, professional images on social media is the #1 thing you can do to increase your engagement and followers. There's a reason that the most popular accounts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook all feature gorgeous photography - beautiful, well composed images SELL.


Most people today are suffering from 'content overload' which causes them to browse very quickly through the sea of information that we're all bombarded with every day.


Think about how you use social media yourself - do you find that you scroll and scan quite quickly through your feed and only stop when something grabs you? Think about what makes you stop. It's usually the image isn't it? An image that is beautiful, emotive or unexpected in some way?


While the text you share in your posts is important, it's the image that will get people to stop scrolling and pay attention to your posts!


The best news is that you don't need to be a professional photographer with expensive photography equipment to take beautiful images. By learning a few simple techniques you can capture amazing photos and edit them yourself, all with the camera you have right there in your pocket - your phone!


I will teach you the absolute best techniques that will enable you to create stunning content for your business. This course will improve your photography skills BIG TIME and help you stand out from the social media crowd!

Phone Photography workshops and courses run by photographer Honey Atkinson
Phone photography workshop learn how to edit photos on your phone



SEE LIGHT – Knowing how to see and capture great light, is what makes the shot not the editing!


COMPOSE – Compose and frame your photos so they are purposeful, well balanced and attract attention.


EDIT – Edit your photos so they look polished and ready to share on social media and your website.


TELL A STORY – Learn the importance of capturing a 'story' to communicate your message more effectively.


THE BEST APPS – I'll share my favourite apps for phone photography, and how and why you should use them.



TECHNICAL INFO – We'll spend an hour covering phone camera basics to ensure you fully understand what your phone can do.


SHOOTING – We'll start to practice everything we've learned in theory. We'll practice shooting set-up scenes, models and your own product or service.


LUNCH – We'll share a beautifully prepared lunch made with as much seasonal, local ingredients as possible.


PHOTO EDITING – We'll learn how to edit your photos using apps on your phone.


Where are your workshops?



Bega Valley


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Phone photography teacher Honey Atkinson runs workshops and courses

“I can’t emphasise enough how important quality photos are to the success of your business."

A little bit about me (your teacher)... I am obsessed with photography. When I'm not shooting for clients, you'll find me shooting food stories for fun on the weekends. After completing a Bachelor in Photography I have spent the past 16 years working across all areas of photography - kids, babies, families, weddings and commercial.



"We couldn't have created the photography campaign without your IPhone workshop. Working with you was an absolute dream. You're so energised, passionate and brimming with talent."

Amy blain - Iphone workshop


what experience do you have that qualifies you to teach?

I’ve been a professional full-time photographer for over 13 years, after having completed a Bach in Photography (and using a camera since early high school!). I’ve been teaching photography students how to use their camera for over 7 years.

who are you workshops designed for?

Everyone!! However, I've developed workshops that are mostly suited to business owners.

WHAT kind of camera do I need?

If you are attending a phone photography course, most smartphones will do – just keep in mind the majority of the course is based around the iPhone & Samsung.

how many people participate in each workshop?

A maximum of 10 people are able to attend. Keeping the courses small means I get to spend time with each person one-on-one.

what happens if I don't understand the content straight away?

I teach in very small groups or one-on-one, so there’s plenty of time to ask questions and grasp the process. I’m also not a super technical person, so I try to explain the technical stuff in a way that’s simple and straightforward. My goal is for you to end the workshop or lesson with a thorough understanding of everything I covered.

Where are the workshops based?

I aim to run a photography workshop every 1-2 months through-out the year at different venues around the Bega Valley area, Sydney and Canberra. Contact me via email or phone below to find out more and to book your next workshop date.

Photography teacher Honey Atkinson Bega Valley
Photography workshops Bega Valley Honey Atkinson


I would love to hear from you, and if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call on 0410555776.

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