Phone Photography Workshop {Sydney, NSW} – 4th August 2019


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Learn how to take beautiful, profesh photos with your phone camera.

If you’re a business I encourage you to bring along your product or service, if that’s you, then I can show how ‘you’ can capture you! Why?.. I want you leaving the workshop with a bunch of useful images you can begin sharing straight away.


When: Sunday 4th August 2019 – 9.30am-3.30pm

How many: Maximum 10 people

Where: Simpson Cottage, Bundeena (an hour from the centre of Sydney) – Simpson Cottage is a beautifully restored heritage BnB just outside of Sydney. Simpson Cottage was built in the 1860s as the original home of the Simpson family, one of the first settlers south of the Hacking River.

Phone photography workshop at Simpson Cottage hosted by Honey AtkinsonPhone Photography workshop at Simpson Cottage by Honey Atkinson

  • 1 hour of technical info (phone camera basics).
  • 2 hours of shooting, practice shooting set-up scenes, model + your own product/service.
  • Lunch – a beautifully prepared lunch made with as much seasonal, local ingredients as we can source.
  • Snacks – yes more food… we have to eat good food to make our brains work!
  • 1 hour of photo editing
The phone photography workshop will cover:
  • Light – see and capture great light (this is what makes the shot, not editing!).
  • Composition – compose and frame your photos so they are purposeful and well balanced.
  • Edit – edit your photos so they look polished and ready to share with the world.
  • Storytelling – learn the importance of capturing a ‘story’ to communicate your message more effectively.
  • Apps – What my favourite apps are and how to use them.
What you leave with:
  • Photography Skills – You’ll start seeing photos all around you and framing and composing well will come easier.
  • Editing Skills – Understanding how to edit well without looking like some early Instagram filter.
  • Lighting Skills – You’ll be able to recognise good light and when and how to find it.
  • Workbook – a summary of the course content outlined.
  • Photos – A collection of photos you can use for your business or personal use.
What you need:
  • iPhone or Andriod phone – the newer models (not ‘the newest’) give much better photo results (I started using my iPhone photos in my Instagram feed after I got the iPhone 7).
  • Pre-download some free apps prior to workshop.
  • To be excited about learning something that will help your business 🙂



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